Laura Catherine Brown



Brown's surefooted debut novel takes its title from the term used to describe the time when a fetus's movement distinguishes it as having a separate life of its own.

From Publishers Weekly

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Short Stories About Pregnancy From Our Top Writers

As contemporary parenting relationships now encompass such a broad array of forms and guises, the experience of pregnancy includes more emotional, professional, and interpersonal challenges than ever before.

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The Bigger the Better, the Tighter the Sweater
21 Funny Women on Beauty, Body Image, and Other Hazards of Being Female

In this outrageous collection of laugh-out-loud essays, nothing is sacred and no horror story goes untold. Brazilian bikini waxes, nursing nightmares, boob jobs, jiggly thighs, overzealous sweat glands, and pure, shameless vanity—it’s all here in these brazenly honest tales, from twenty-one hilarious writers who’ve survived it all and have the stretch marks to prove it.

We all know we worry about our looks too much, but who wants to admit it? These women do, and they tell the unflinching uproarious truth about our bodies, and the tragicomic relationships we women have with them.

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