Yogi Brain Thief Brain

The concept of Asteya has preoccupied me for more than a week now, ever since I went to an open class at Yoga Shanti. It was my birthday. The Yoga Shanti studio is beautiful, with walls painted gold. Chandeliers hang from the ceiling and the belt-driven ceiling fan is not only an elegant feat of

Jury Duty

My previous experience with jury duty consisted of sitting in a vast room in the state court building for a few days with hundreds of other potential jurors, watching a video about civic duty, reading, texting, trying to get work done, and waiting for lunchtime. Until this year, I’d never even gotten as far the

Sunrise in the Red Canyon (Australian Outback)

Forever looping, so I can experience it virtually and wonder about the passing of days, even when it’s not 5 am, in a different hemisphere.

Aging Rock Star

Tuesday night, two weeks ago, at the City Winery, one of three sold-out shows, we arrived for the Dave Davies concert with curiosity. The place was packed with old hippies, rock-n-rollers, retro-boomers and lots of younger people who wouldn’t have been alive for The Kinks’ first hit. So were they Kinks fans? Dave Davies fans?

Books, Books and more Books

I have always loved books; from the dust jackets and canvas-covered boards of hard-covers, to the french-folds of trade paperbacks, from the texture and grain of the pages, deckle-edged or smooth-trimmed, to the layout and typography. I love the inky, gluey smell of new books and the tangy musty scent of old ones. I relish

Derechos and Hurricanes, Mountains and Fragility

I arrived in Virgina in July just as the derecho hit. Unlike a tornado, which twists and spins, a derecho is a straight-line wall of fast-moving wind, exceeding hurricane force. I had never heard of it. Advancing across several states, this windstorm flattened houses, tore down power lines, and uprooted trees that had spread their

In Honor of My Father and the Creative Life

We never observed Father’s Day, which my father deemed a “Hallmark Holiday,” invented to further the cause of capitalism by compelling people, through nationwide emotional blackmail, to offer meaningless purchases in place of authentic love and respect. He said this partly in jest. Perhaps he simply didn’t relish fatherhood. At any rate, since Father’s Day

Holidays? What holidays?

Holidays? What holidays? Oh right, it’s Christmas. The proof is in the  fragrance of pine emanating from the evergreens for sale on the sidewalk. Christmas day arrives on Sunday. How did that happen? I’m disconnected. I can barely recall that exciting childhood holiday when daily life dissolved into the magic and school let out and

You can’t evict an idea whose time has come.

For weeks I’ve been meaning to say something about working across the street from Liberty Square aka Zuccotti Park, and the encampment of protestors. Ever since the potential standoff on Friday, October 14; that’s how long I’ve been meaning to say something salient. I am one of the 99%. And I currently work in the financial

Revisions and Excisions (aka: Riding in Cars)

At last, having completed yet another revision of my novel, now entitled The Surrogate’s Daughter, whereby I cut seventy-two (72) pages (thank you Hillary for not holding back on sound advice!) I can reflect on the process. I initiated this current round of culling after a distressing revelation that the narrative momentum slowed to a

Is the waiting the hardest part?

Whether I’m standing on a subway platform marking time for a train to arrive, or waiting for the editor of a major publishing house to respond to my novel sent by my agent over three weeks ago, I become trapped in a postponement of my life. In this dualistic place of waiting-versus-fulfillment, where my continuity

Is procrastination underrated?

When the strident voice inside becomes unbearable, exhorting me to write something, anything, to earn the term writer for the day or risk being a failure, I rebel. My rebellion is passive-aggressive, a stalling tactic, timeworn and all-too-effective. I procrastinate. Although procrastination does not silence the harangue, it certainly distracts. My current delaying tactic is